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Unleash Your Confidence: Experience the Luxury of
Tailor-Made Suits 

High Quality & Comfortable Tailored Suits that Perfectly Fit Your Body


An Expert & Personalized Service for the Best Customer Satisfaction


A Unique Shopping Experience at an Affordable Price

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More than 150 satisfied customers

Over 400 Tailored Suits created since 2019


Why should you choose Damerau Suits?

Advised to your complete satisfaction:

With my personalized counsel, you are sure to make the right choice

Tailored for you:

Made especially for your measurements, a tailored suit offers you optimal comfort throughout the day

Customize endlessly:

With over 2,000 high-quality fabrics, you can create a unique suit that reflects your personality

Feel confident:

A tailored suits give you a flawless look in any situation at reasonable price

Find the Right Suit for Each Occasion!

Clothing is important. 
But it is often difficult to find a Suit, that fits both:

Your morphology and the occasion. 

And that at reasonable costs. 

Moreover it can be stressful and frustrating to live up to

the expectations of those around you.

With a tailored suit from Damerau Suits, you are sure to

make a great and lasting Impression.

At Damerau Suits, you will find the Perfect Suits for :

any Professional Circumstances
- Daily Work
- Business Meetings & Dinners
- Job Interview, …


and any Private Events
- Family Celebrations
- Galas, …

Let’s Create Your Tailored Suit Together
With our Choice of over 2'000 High Quality Italian and English Textiles

How does it work?





Make an appointment:

You can directly book an appointment using the button below. You can also contact me by email ( or by phone (+41 79 864 69 32).



We meet either at your home or at my office. During this meeting, we discuss your needs and desires. I then take your measurements and we choose the model, fabric and color of your suit. During the entire ordering process, you will benefit from my personalized advice. As soon as you are satisfied with the choice of your suit, we proceed with the order.


4 to 5 weeks later, your suit arrives. I will deliver it to your home or you can pick it up at my office. 


You try on your suit and, if necessary, we proceed with retouches with a local tailor, until you are completely satisfied.


What style and fabric should I choose for my suit?
The choice of style and fabric depends on many factors such as occasion, personal taste, budget and comfort preferences. That's why I offer a personal consultation to help you find the style and fabric that best suits your needs. Please feel free to contact me for an appointment.

Can I customize my tailored suit?
Absolutely, you can customize every aspect of your tailored suit, including fabric, style, buttons, pockets, linings, lapels and more. You can create a suit that is completely unique and reflects your personal style and preferences.

How long does it take for my tailored suit to be ready?
In general, it takes about 4-5 weeks for a tailored suit to be ready. This can vary depending on the complexity of the order and the number of alterations required, but I do my best to get your suit ready in the shortest possible time.

How do I take my measurements correctly?
When you choose a tailored suit, it is important to take accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit. I will take your measurements during your appointment, so you do not need to worry about that.

What is the difference between a tailored suit and a ready-to-wear suit?
A tailored suit is made according to the customer's personal measurements and preferences, while a ready-made suit is mass-produced in standard sizes, without the possibility of personalization. At Damerau Suits, you will only find tailored suits.


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